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Fast Menus

Seconds matter with ecommerce. Our menus load faster than all the competitors!

RSA 2048 bit SSL certificates. Server access requires key auth. All web logins require 2FA.
Modern Navigation

Continuously improved designs direct your customers to desired items faster.
Order Ahead

Phone orders no longer required. Process orders faster, reduce errors and increase revenue.
Menu Syncing

Sync your Weedmaps and Leafly menus. Then receive new orders by way of email and SMS.
Customer Notifications

Your customers receive email/SMS notifications throughout the ordering process.
Delivery Radius

Efficiently deliver only to customers nearby.
POS Integration

We quickly integrate your (POS) point of sales device to auto update order tickets.

Simple to advanced reporting: KPI, best selling products, query customer data, etc.

Stand out from the crowd, we can modify the software to fit your specific needs.
Our Partners
MaryJ Media Group approaches marketing marijuana from 8 traditional marketing areas with strategies tailored for overcoming the obstacles of cannabis censorship.
YourCannaLife is a Cannabis Consulting service for large and small businesses. They can assist your venture from start to finish or with business expansion.
Weed2web has been developing E-Commerce and Content Based websites for 10+ years and also have 13+ years of graphic design experience.